When we take, we also give back.

Biodiversity is at great risk and bees, as critical as they are to our system, are no exception. Almost 90% of the world’s wild plants depend on animal pollination, along with 75% of leading global crops. Pollinator species include wasps, ants, butterflies, beetles, moths and bees. Bees are facing a range of complex and interacting threats. The IUCN list shows that 24% of Europe’s bumblebee species are now threatened with extinction.

To Beebolin it is extremely important to support and protect the bees, not only for their contribution to our ingredients but more so for their important role in securing our tomorrow on this planet. In support of Bee Urban and their project “Flowers for Bees”, Beebolin contribute with over 25 000 square meters of bee food haven. Giving back to the very fundament of our flavors. Read more at