Beebolin’s back yard

With nature just around the corner from its home, Beebolin is inspired by wild, pure flavours of Nordic fields, forests, hills and springs. By keeping it plain and simple, with no nonsense and nothing artificial. The Beebolin flavour palette spans the whole Nordic area from the Kattegat straight, over the rich fields of Östergötland up into the beautiful rough, mountainous terrain of Lappland.

Flavours of the far North

The pure taste of Beebolin welcomes you to wild flavours true to the far North. Explore our Sea Buckthorn Bitter, known since ancient times as an almost magical plant. Rosehip Ginger Ale gives a true taste of home for the people of the North. Our Woodruff Bitter, Kattegat Club Soda and Dry Spruce Tonic include less familiar flavours which add a twist to any classic drink. Beebolin Juniper Tonic on its own is also a great substitute for the perfect Gin and Tonic if you like – all the sting but none of the alcohol.

Bottle by bottle

Beebolin’s founders are committed to integrity, sustainability and to widening the palette of pure flavours available to artists working in the world’s best bars. With limited production, attention to detail and dedicated craftsmanship, we’re on a mission to create exciting new drinks – with flavours that refresh and surprise in equal measure.

True taste water

Beebolins’ wild Nordic flavours are enhanced by crystal-clear filtered water, removing impurities and undesirable odours while retaining natural salts and minerals. This is a unique collaboration: filtered true taste water combined with the wild flavours of the north. The result is the ultimate natural and organic drink mixer: Beebolin. The untarnished experience of true Nordic flavours.

Caring for our six-legged workers

As a responsible producer Beebolin never takes out without giving back, and we’re committed to helping one of the most important parts of our workforce: our friends the bees. From bee to bar and from bar to bee, we help keep nature in balance. Read more at